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The 259th WhiskyAuction 2019-05 closes down on 4th May 2019 from 19:45 to 21:50 CET. The items in auction 2019-05 are from 142 different sellers out of 14 countries.

We offer the very rare USA whiskeys from the legendary collection of "Mr. Bourbon" Heinz Taubenheim.

For sending parcels:
Thomas Krüger, WA.Com
Timmerloh 8
D-24787 Fockbek
Tel.: +49 4331 56564

Your entries for WhiskyAuction 2019-06 are welcome until 22th April 2019, only scotch malts until 25th April 2019.

Next additional posting possibilities in Munich, in Limburg and in Frankfurt am Main.

New from auction 2019-06, from 5th may on:
Our sellers fee is only 10% with fast outpayment
The buyers premium fee is 10% including the verification of authenticity

Thomas Krüger


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