Thomas Krüger

Dear connoisseur and collector,

I have been collecting whiskyminibottles since 1974 with any interest is blended scotch and malt , german whisky and as well as whiskies from every country of the world. When I tasted a Talisker cask strength in 1994, I really knew, what good whisky is supposed to taste like.

1994 has a great importance to me. It was the year in which I openend the Whiskygalerie. Since that opening year I imported more than 165 different malts to Rendsburg. And I am currently sharing more than 6965 different whiskybottles large and small.

My goal is, that with this new medium at the internet all collectors in the world will come together to see the valuation of whiskies and we can see many new collectors; it is always time to start a collection now, I would start with islay, campbeltown malts and the lost distilleries from the high- and lowlands. 

Please don`t hesitate to come to Rendsburg to see my collection in person, there always are 500 different whiskyminibottles and 200 different whisky bigbottles for sale at all times.

I am a whisky enthusiast and I hope you are, or will be the same in the near future.

EIDORAly yours

Thomas Krüger


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