Special WhiskyAuction S2
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WhiskyAuction S2:

The Special WhiskyAuction S2 was closed on 26 November 2011 from 20:00 to 21:35 CET.

A collection description from this european collector

I started this collection 10 years ago, when I was fascinated by scottish malt whisky and I shared some bottles in the beginning for drinking purposes. So there was first no intention to start a collection, but by the time there were so many bottles, that I was sure, that I could never drink them only by myself.

My family also helped me from this point on to increase this wide spreaded collection and I put them carefully in boxes and display shelves.

It was important to me only to collect very palatable whiskies or the ones I was fascinated by from the first moment; sometimes more rarer or hard to get items filled up this collection. I also bought some collections.

Our great wish is, that this collection and especially each single bottle will bring great pleasure to other collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. Each single bottle has its own story and it would be very interesting to know how the story goes on.....