How to use filters

1. Full text search

The quickest and most useful filter is the Full text search. You can either use the search bar in the header or the small search bar in the dropdown menus on the left (both are marked in red). You can literally search through the complete auction with them.



2. Filterbar


The filterbar is on the left side of the "Current Auction" , the "Ticker" and the "History Browser". With the filterbar you can reduce the result set very easily. To expand the bar please click on the blue "+more filters".

Important: Please click "Show results" to activate the filters you have set.















3. Active Filters

Every active filter is shown at the top:

Active Filter

The first button clears all active filter. The second to cancel the "Bottler" filter. Here: A.D. Rattray. The "Save" button makes these active filters a user filter. You can give it a name and use the again by clicking on user filters.