Pickup-Service in Germany (free of charge)

Pickup-Service in Germany

  • Amounts greater than 10 bottles are being picked up on our monthly Whiskytour-Route

  • Monthly we arrange two pickup-tours in Germany:

    8.8. bis 10.8.2022 South-West-Tour:
    Hamburg - Bremen - Osnabrück - Münster - Ruhrgebiet - Köln - Bonn - Bad Ems - Freiburg - Stuttgart- Heidelberg
    (Mr. Klaus Rosenfeld, technic@whiskyauction.com , +49 177 5528700, no minimum number of bottles )
    - Steigenberger Hotel Köln, Richard-Wagner-Str. 9, D-50674 Köln
      8. August 20:00-21:00 (Monday) & 9. August 07:30-08:00 (Tuesday).

    - Park Hotel Post Freiburg, Eisenbahnstraße 35-37, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
      9. August 21:00-22:00 (Tuesday) & 10. August 07:30-08:00 (Wednesday).

    We can arrange pick-up of Whiskies in all cities at our route.

    - Further tours every month. Köln & Frankfurt monthly, Berlin & Nürnberg every two months, München & Freiburg every three months.

    According to agreement we can pickup from 10 bottles in Germany on a tour, free of charge. Please contact us, so we will place you on a list and we will contact you, if we do the next tour.
  • Please send us your request per technic@whiskyauction.com
    or phone up +49 177 5528700 (Mr. Klaus Rosenfeld) or use the form below:

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