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Result: 61 EUR in Auction 2023-04

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Distillery: Aultmore
Bottler label: Douglas Laing & Co. Ltd.
Series: Old Particular
Distilled date: July 2006
Bottled date: October 2020
Age: 14
Cask no.: DL14402
Maturing: Refill Hogshead
Type label: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Packing type: Tube
Count of bottle: 365
Alcohol strength: ALC.48.4%VOL.
Content quantity: 700ML. e
Ean: 5014218817072
Bottle code: CBSC4 OLD0984 13.11.20 12:04 8
Lot number: 4122
Auction Category: April 01st, 2023
20:40 Highland A-B
ABNumber: ATU-002
Category: HM
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